Dan Clarke


Independent Software Developer

Owner of Everstack Ltd

Matt Nield


Kentico MVP

Development Manager at Ridgeway


Corriculo Recruitment

All the things!

  • Blazor
  • Visual Studio Live Share
  • AI-based Intellisense (rather than intelli-prompt)
  • ML.NET (so we can all put machine learnign on our CV)

Data Science Oxford

  • Data Science Oxford - revived
  • Data scientists, technologists and analysts who work with data
  • It's tomorrow

36% off any purchase for .NET Oxford member with promotional code 'ug367'

3 months free licence or 50% off for .NET Oxford members!

Entity Framework Core

Jon P Smith

Tuesday 8th May

Lightning Talks!

Tuesday 5th June

Getting Entangled in Q#!

Frances Tibble ( @frances_tibble)

Anita Ramanan ( @whywontitbuild)

Tuesday 3rd July


Pilot Decision Management

Clifford Agius ( @CliffordAgius)

Getting chatty with fish

Google Assistant to your data

Matt Nield ( @mnield)

Jon Skeet

Tuesday 9th October

Performance in the Javascript Era

Benjamin Howarth ( @benjaminhowarth)


Lightning Talks!


Azure Security and Infosec Fails

Tuesday 24th April

#FAIL - Lessons from infosec incidents

Robin Minto ( @robinem)

Securing Web Apps in Azure

Frans Lytzen ( @flytzen)